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Introducing Our Food Heroes

The Experts in their field
Akeem Ojuko
Food Entrepreneur

At 25, Akeem Ojuko is a food entrepreneur and successful businessman with ethically sourced ingredients at the heart of his products.

Ash Sutaria
Indian Street Food Vendor

As a former street food manager under Jamie Oliver. Ash knows the word on the street when it comes to food and now runs his own street food business called The Cheeky Indian.

Becky Wilkinson
Private Chef | Recipe Designer

Becky Wilkinson is a private chef and recipe designer who trained at the famous Leath school of food and wine, before working for top chef Rick Stein

Bini Ludlow
Indian Chef | Cookery School Owner

Bini Ludlow was 8 when her mother first started teaching her how to cook authentic Indian food. She now passes on that knowledge and passion at her cookery school in Somerset.

Charlotte Mitchell

Charlotte Mitchell opened her own butchers 4 years ago. She's the only female butcher to win a prestigious Young British Foodie Award.

Dougie Robertson-Ritchie
Seafood Street Vendor

Dougie Robertson Ritchie runs his own street food stall, selling a range of seafood. It was voted the best street food in London.

Francesco Mazzei
Italian Chef

Francesco Mazzei was born and raised in southern Italy. He's worked at the Michelin starred Eden Terrazza in Rome and has opened restaurants around the world.

Jacob Anthony
Sheep Farmer

Jacob Anthony is a 5th generation sheep farmer from Wales and a young ambassador for the sheep association.

Jaega Wise
Master Brewer

Jaega Wise gave up her job in the city to join Britain’s craft beer revolution. She’s judged beer awards for the society of independent brewers and is now head brewer at one of Londons up and coming craft breweries.

James Hoffmann
Coffee Expert

James Hoffmann is a coffee roaster, author and an award winning barista. He went to Colombia to check out what goes in to making our morning pick me up.

Joel Harrison
Spirits Expert

Joel Harrison is an award winning spirits writer and is a judge for the world whisky awards. Joel visits Scotland to show us why he is so passionate about Whisky.

Judith Fish
Pub Landlady

Judith Fish runs a pub in Scotland which prides itself on its pub food. The Good Pub Guide recently named her Landlady of the Year 2017.

Justin Gellatly
Baker | Patissier

After 12 years as the head baker at a top London restaurant. Justin Gellatly started his own bakery, his customers now include royalty as he baked the bread for Prince William and Kate's wedding.

Lynn Hill
Baking Expert

Lynn Hill is the founder of the Clandestine Cake Club with over 19,000 members. She's a renowned Author with 2 published cake recipe books.

Patrick and Sam Quilliam
Tea Experts

Brothers Patrick and Sam Quilliam own and run a teashop in Newcastle, selling more than 60 different types of tea and they travelled 7,000 kilometres from their Geordie home, to a tea plantation in Kenya, to find out just what goes in your morning cuppa.

Tom Calver
Artisan Cheese Producer

As a small-scale cheese maker, Tom Calver has been making award-winning cheddar for a decade. He visits Somerset to see how artisan and large-scale producers are tackling our insatiable demand for top quality cheese.

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones

Jamaican born Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones is a businessman, farmer and retailer. Selling his own meat, eggs and cheese.

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